Marketing Game
Build the brand experience

I F YOU'VE EVER SUSPECTED YOUR COMPETITION KNEW SOMETHING YOU DIDN'T, you were probably right. But not anymore. The Marketing Game breaks the code of silence to teach you the covert strategies and marketing secrets that have been powering the machines of the world's most savvy marketers for the past decade.


Get set to design and implement effective marketing plan to capture maximum market. The event will challenge your marketing, planning and decision making skills. Teams will be tested based on creativity, content, delivery, effectiveness and impressiveness. The world of marketing is all about change and change is only thing consistent to the marketer. This event will present you a series of challenges which will make you prove your mettle against the best B-Schools in the country. So if you feel you have it in you to transform the world of marketing, Compete & BE THE CHANGE!


  • Use of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited unless allowed by game coordinators.
  • Every candidate should bring their college identity card or letter from their respective HOD /college.
  • Each game round will consist of certain rules and each one is responsible to follow these rules.
  • The decision of the judges/ game coordinators will be final and no further queries will be entertained.
  • Each group shall be consist of four members.


  • Candidates are requested to bring laptop, pen drive, net setters etc. It should be used as per the game rules.
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