Treasure Hunt
And the quest begins

Since the early civilization, treasure hunts have always fascinated the human race. We have grown up listening to the legendary tales of “The Arabian Nights", "Sindbad”. So chuck all the story-stuff and use your basic knowledge of surveying to experience the real thrill and excitement of Treasure Hunting.


This event will be full of fun, entertainment and said to be full of treasure. Treasure Hunt is an interactive specialty game that lets players get in touch with their explorer side. Treasure Hunt is definitely one of the best specialty games around. Pick wisely, and you could walk out with a fortune. If your navigation skills are sharp, you can play.


Team “CALLIS EXPLORA” will scatter a bunch of clues across the beautiful campus of Calicut University for this event. Each clue will direct you to the next. Clues will encompass a wide variety of fields - from popular culture to technology to sports. And they will all come together in the end to reveal the overarching theme - a puzzle within the puzzles. And the treasure awaits those who manage to crack that!


  • Each team consists of 4 members.
  • The hunting areas can be anywhere inside the periphery of the University All the extra money expenses should be incurred by the participants itself. The ASCEND committee will not be responsible for any expenses incurred in between the hunt.
  • Use of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited unless allowed by game coordinators.
  • Each game round will consist of certain rules and each one is responsible to follow these rules.
  • The decision of the judges/ game coordinators will be final and no further queries will be entertained.
  • FIRST COME FIRST SERVED” :The main strategy of the game, all the participants should compulsorily note this point.


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